We know how important it is to know and trust the person that comes into your home when you aren't there.


 Savannah Dennis  Owner Of Comfy Homes Cleaning Service

Savannah Dennis

Owner Of Comfy Homes Cleaning Service

 Karmin R.  Cleaning Specialist

Karmin R.

Cleaning Specialist

 Christy A.  Manager Cleaning Specialist

Christy A.

Manager Cleaning Specialist


Welcome to Comfy Homes Cleaning Service! My name is Savannah. I am a mother, a UNR student, and founder of Comfy Homes Cleaning Service. I started this business because so many of us have crazy busy lives and chaotic schedules. Who really has time these days to keep a clean home? From my 6 years of cleaning experience, I have discovered that hiring a cleaner reduces stress, improves health and happiness, improves relationships, and gives you more time to spend on yourself and with your family. That said, everyone here at Comfy Homes has been carefully chosen for their hard work, reliability, and loyalty not only to myself but to you. We are friendly, fast, thorough and take pride in our work because we enjoy helping you and we really do appreciate you. Your business helps support our families and our futures.

Thank you!

Savannah D.


This amazing woman was the very first team member to join the Comfy Homes Family. Her passion, kindness and love has helped us grow into a fantastic company. Karmin was fun, smart, thorough and knew how to get the job done. She was always very personable and her positivity brought light to everyone's day. Her clients loved her drive, her speed, her hard work, and professionalism. She was always willing to help anyway she could. Karmin was truly one of the most beautiful women you could have ever met with a heart so big you couldn't tell where it began or where it ended. She said goodbye to us and joined the angel's February 3rd 2017. She is missed by all who were blessed to meet this sweet soul.





Christy is friendly, professional, and will follow her clients directions very carefully. She is always on time and has a flexible schedule, always striving to give her clients the clean they want. She is fast, charismatic, and reassuring to those hiring a housekeeper for the first time. Her clients love her kindness, her dedication, her thoroughness and their sparkling home she leaves behind. They are always amazed at what a hard worker she is and how she makes herself available whenever needed. 





Lynda is the sweetest thing ever. She is always determined to do her best with every clean and always aims to please. She is a quick learner, fast on her feet and expertly cleans your home top to bottom. Her client's are always pleased by her good natured attitude and willingness to do whatever it takes to make their home shine.



Lyn is a very experienced and trusted housekeeper.