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Comfy Homes Cleaning Service is founded on the belief that your time at home is precious. We help people spend that time living comfortably with loved ones, entertaining friends, or doing what it is that makes you, you. Guests will love being in your comfy home.

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Comfy Cleaning Package

A thorough deep cleaning every time by cleaners that you can trust. Includes fans, baseboards, light fixtures, blinds, microwaves, outside of cupboards, window and shower tracks, water stains on glass shower doors, inside windows, and vacuuming pet hair and crumbs off furniture. We will also clean refrigerators and insides of cupboards and drawers, and more upon request. You name it and we clean it!

Cleaners That You Can Trust

We know how much you value cleaning professionals that you can trust. Our cleaners are loyal and will likely be back to your house regularly. You can get to know your cleaner and they will get to know you and your specific needs. Meet your cleaner here:

Finishing Touches

For that magical finishing touch, we include a scented treatment for your home with the lovely scent, Clean Breeze. A clean house is not complete until it smells amazing!


"Savannah is a delightful young lady. She is thorough and fast. I have hired her to do bi-weekly cleaning. She takes pride in her work and does a beautiful job."
-Dorothy L.


We generally use organic H2O at Home products, Swifter products, Lysol and Pledge. Our favorite products are the H2O at Home which reduce our chemical use by 90%, help us clean faster and more efficiently and are safe for children and pets.